10 Reasons Why You Should Eat Cucumber Everyday

Cucumber is rich in water content which helps to hydrate the body. It is also low in calories and normalizes blood pressure.
It is rich in nutrient content which prevents various health problems such as acidity, asthma, arthritis, gout and eczema.
Other benefits of Cucumber include:

Skin health
Cucumber possess high amount of silica that provides a brighter and healthier skin. Cucumber is high in water content which helps to hydrate the body.It is also used to treat various skin ailments such as swelling and sunburn. The compound such as caffeic acid and ascorbic acid helps to avoid water loss from the body.
Prevent kidney stones and constipation
Cucumber contains fiber and water which prevents kidney stones and constipation. The daily intake of Cucumber increases the fiber intake.
Maintains blood pressure
The studies show that the high intake of potassium, magnesium and fiber helps to lower the blood pressure and maintains it to normal levels.

Prevent diabetes
The hormone found in Cucumber is essential for the production of insulin by the beta cells. Cucumber has zero Glycemic Index.

Body function
Cucumber eliminates the toxins and waste from the body. It also effectively treats arthritis as it clears the uric acid. It assists in the secretion of urine. It also enhances the function of liver, kidney, urinary bladder and pancreatic functions.
It is effective for controlling diabetic mellitus and blood pressure. The daily intake of Cucumber juice helps to treat eczema and gout.

Heart health
Vitamin K in Cucumber prevent from arteries calcification that leads to heart attacks. It prevents deposit of hard and harmful plaque. Vitamin K is an essential nutrient that reduces inflammation and protects cells. The intake of Vitamin K is essential to maintain healthy blood pressure and reduce the risk of cardiac arrest.

Menstrual problems
Vitamin K assists to regulate the hormone function that helps to lower the PMS cramps and menstrual pains. It is helpful for excessive bleeding and provides relief from PMS symptoms. The excessive bleeding is the cause for more pain and cramps during menstrual cycle. The studies shows that the deficiency of Vitamin K worsen these symptoms.

Prevent cancer
Vitamin K reduces the chances of colon, prostate, nasal, stomach and oral cancer. The study shows that the high Vitamin K helps to stabilize liver cancer and enhance their liver function. The diet rich in Vitamin K reduces the chances of cancer and cardiovascular disease.
Blood Clot
Vitamin K speeds up the healing of bruising and bleeding of cuts. The deficiency of Vitamin K results to the Haemorrhagic disease of newborns where the blood clotting does not take place properly. The study shows that newborns should be given Vitamin K injection at birth in order to eliminate HDN.

Bone health
The studies show that an adequate intake of Vitamin K can prevent osteoporosis in people. Vitamin K is essential to use calcium in order to build bones.
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